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Set for Sun blinds Automate

Set for Sun blinds Automate
€ 196,00 
Product code: 003S3P1P0
Brand: Seav
Availability: yes
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 No. 1 Electronic control panel for sun blinds, rolling shutters and venetian blinds, with built-in radio receiver. Control buttons for local or zone or centralized command. Input for wind sensor, sun sensor and rain sensor; wireless connection with WiSun and WiWeather sensors. 


No. 1 Anemometer complete with mounting bracket


No. 1 Hand control Open - Close


No. 1 Tubolare Motor 50 Nm with handling manual emergency for 70 mm. tube rolling.

Technical specifications

Model LRX_2214_Swr
Power supply 230Vac, 50/60 Hz, 600W max
Motor output 230Vac - 500W Max
Nr possible wireless sensors Max. 3
Nr possible radio controls Max. 6

SELV control buttons for opening and closing local commands

SELV control buttons for opening and closing general commands

1 or 2 buttons radio control operation

3 buttons radio control operation (BeFree series)

Enabling and disabling sun sensor using BeFree S6/S3

Radio control remote programming

Motor time programming

Unlimited motor time function

Anemometer managing

Sun sensor managing

Rain sensor managing

SEAV wireless sensors managing (only 433,92 Mhz version)

Wind threshold selection

Rain sensor disabling

Sensor's test wire

Automatic movements locki

Safety upward movements

Dead man working mode

Venetian blinds function

Step-by-step + automatic sensor functions

Sun command movement inversion

Rain command movement inversion

Box size 110 x 121 x 47 mm.
Accessories Installation instructions

Model Anem
Contact capacity 200 mA  100 Vdc
Contact closing one x revolution
Connection cable outdoor use 2 x 2,5 mmq. (Not included)
Operating temperature -20°  +85°C 
Container PC UL94V-0
Protection degree IP 54
Accessories Installation instructions

Model Twister_50
Tourque 50 Nm
R.P.M. 12
Cut out temperature 4 min.
Power absorbed 270 W
Consumption 1,2 A
Weight 3,8 Kg (8,38 lbs)
Lifting 70 Kg
Tube motor Ø 45 mm.

Tubo Rolling

Ø 60 mm. - Ø 70 with adapter


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