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Kit for Sliding Gate, 230Vac, Leaf Weight 500 Kg.

Kit for Sliding Gate, 230Vac, Leaf Weight 500 Kg.
€ 375,00 
Product code: 029S6D4P0
Category:Kit, Motori
Brand: Poin
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Irreversible eletromeccanical 230Vac Motor for sliding gates, maximum  weight of leaf 500 Kg., Saftey photocells, two pcs of transmitters Rolling Cod, flashing led lamp, selector and 4 m. of nylon rack, to make a basic system, expandable in according with specific requirements and in accordance with regulations

Made in Italy

5 years warranty (See more)





Elettromeccanical irreversble gearmotr, 230Vac for sliding gates, weigth up 500 Kg. and lenght up 7 m. Integrated electric unit control.

The engine block is aluminum cast , cover is ABS, unlock handle with lock. 

The electric motor is protected by thermal probe and mechanical (entirely of metal anticorrosion and greased) was designed and built for maximum durability and functionality over time. the driving gear is made of sintered steel and vaporized.

Control board with integrated radio receiver. It equipped with initial motor starting, adjustment of motor boost and motor power. Programming of the deceleration power,  limit switch input, electronic brake,  pedestrian crossing, dead man.

No. two  433'92 MHz dual-channel transmitters by key chains.

Power supply: 3Vdc - Lithium battery CR2032

Encryption: 66 bit Rolling Cod

No. 1 Pair of wall photocells, codified, modulated infrared. max. distance: 15 m.

Power supply 12/24Vac - dc

Power consumption couple: 2 W

Protection class: Ip 54

Size: 62 x 56 x 25 mm.


Flashing led lamp indicating automations in movement

Power supply: 230Vac 50/60 Hz

2x1w Led: 2W Max

Size: 140x100x70 mm.

Protection degree: IP44


ABS Selector switch with two Keys.

Size: 70x79x 16 mm.

   4 m. of  nylon rack M4, reinforced with an inner hexagonal iron bar, 6 fastening for sliding gate up 800 Kg.

Technical Data

Model SL500
Power supply 230Vac, 50/60 Hz
Max. weight of leaf 500 Kg
1200 N
Motor power 280 W
Current 0,8 A
Working frequency 25%
Motor unlock To handle with lock
Protection class IP44
Operating temperatures - 45°  ÷  +65°
Thermal protection 120°
Noise level < 56db
Peso motore 8,50 Kg.
Motor Size

Function modes

Step-by-step funtion by control buttons

Selection between automatic or step-by-step operations

1 button radio control operation

Automatic closing and pause time programming

Motor boost and motor power adjustment

Motor time programming


Deceleration power Programming

Comands inhibition during opening and pause time

Pedestrian Passage

Operation with timer

Opening and closing limit switch

Follow me

Cortesy light

Electronic brake

Soft start

Radio control remote programming

Dead man in closing phase

Accessori in dotazione

Galvanised foundation plate, installation accessories, Mounting instructions


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